Our Mission

  • Mission

 A society in which every citizen attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. To work together for the relief of poverty and to promote the advancement of education, together with the relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of health. For healthy and sufficient society, People’s Welfare Forum work for the education i.e. both technical and formal health and economic empowerment of youth, women children and the old age people. The organization also gives special stress for the rehabilitation of physically challenged people and also involved in the preservation of the environment.


  • Values and Principles


People’s Welfare Forum Encourages the following values to be practised both at individual and organizational level.


  • Honesty
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Mutual Respect
  • Participation
  • Solidarity


  • Guiding Principles


  • Utilization of local wisdom and resources.
  • Prioritizing quality.
  • Enhancing coordination and networking.
  • Accepting challenges


  • Organization Believes


  • To network with government, semi-government, non-government organization and like-minded agencies for all-round development of the Urban and Rural community by conducting and running different program and activities.
  • For the human rights issues especially related to Labor, Child labour, Tribal, Minority class and weaker section of the society.
  • To work in the area of women health focusing violence against women, gender issue, infant mortality and maternal mortality etc.
  • To establish the institutions providing education and technical training for the welfare of needy people.
  • In equal opportunity for man and woman in society irrespective of class, age ethnic, culture or religion.
  • Every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.
  • To identify with and work along the economically and socially deprived, the physically and mentally challenged- starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware.
  • Continuation of the process to provide market-oriented skill training to the woman and adolescent girls.
  • Commitment to help mothers of children, who are attending education classes, and involve them in saving, thrift and credit, skill training and income generation activities.
  • Integration of adult literacy with skill training and income generation or making literacy a precondition for skill training and income generation activities.
  • Development of leadership within the communities and linking them with government and non-government facilities.
  • Generation of awareness among common people through involving women from project locations.
  • To create awareness in the society for the environment preservation.


  • Organization Capability


From the date of Registration the People’s Welfare Forum in various programs like poverty reduction, sanitation promotion, Tribal welfare, Health support, Economics mobilization, woman empowerment and conservation of the natural resource, promotion of cultural activities. The organization is running several programs on the encouragement of needy people. The basic objective of the Society is to train manpower and provide an opportunity for the employment of the trainees. The Board Members of the society are well-qualified persons from the field of management and computer education.

The organization is having administration- cum field office in Srinagar, where all the facilities are available and having branch offices at Srinagar. We have a group of computer-educated, engineering, management and commerce background. With the help of this group, a team of experts from the various field of departments is organized. Environment conservation and cultural activities, Craft Center for ladies, Book Binding Training cum Rehabilitation centre for ladies (in distress), Career counselling for youth generation, a special program for health awareness like Aids, Leprosy, Pulse Polio and other infected diseases. We believes that person with special abilities could also lead a normal life like their counterparts if they have effective access to services like early identification, intervention, education, Vocational training, employment opportunities and the availability of aids and appliances. Our Organization started it works from grass- root level and then gradually going up to address other groups who will be the beneficiary of the projects.